Our cottages

Stranasa Cottage


The Stranasa Cottage is located around 60km from Arad, on the Nadas ridge, where a beautiful panorama opens. By car, starting from Arad to Deva, go 50km to Conop village; from there, turn to the left towards the center of the village on the valley of Conop river, climbing several serpentines up to the main ridge; after about 7km we descend in the valley of Nadas; at the intersection we turn right, leaving the main road. Going another 200m, we turn left, climbing to the ridge of Nadas, where, after another several hundred meters we reach the cottage. By train to Conop station, followed by a 10km hike following the Red Triangle mark; or from Nadas train stop we follow the Yellow Line marking for about 10km.

Motesti-Vasoaia Chalet


Motesti-Vasoaia Chalet is located in the village of Vasoaia. We can reach the chalet from Arad by following the Siria-Buteni-Chisindia road; from the center of Chisindia, we turn right and follow the communal road for about 10km; we will leave behind the Vasoaia indicator, the church, the former dispensary, reaching the old Codrenii's cottage; we park the cars her. From here we walk the last kilometer, descending easily into a small valley from where we immediately reach our destination. The toatl distance from Arad to the Challet is about 80km.

From Motesti Chalet we can hike through the surrounding hills enjoying amazing views. Walking through the village is interesting in itself because we find traditional mountain houses with the feeling that we went back 100 years in time. Also, we can complete the "Traseul SalaselorTaranesti" on the Red Dot marking, reaching Stranasa cottage.

Routes are also ideal for cyclotourism.