Out of the desire to do more, in order to leave wonderful touristic objectives to future generations, the Touristic Association "Hoinarii Zarandului" (Zarand Mountains Wanderers) was born out of "Veniti cu noi Arad" Touristic Association. The association was created by 14 founding members, all of whom are participants in the actions that take place under the auspices of "Veniti cu noi Arad".

Born in February 2003, the "Hoinarii Zarandului" association has the below organizational structure:
- president: Arpad NAGY
- vice president: Rares CILIBIA
- secretary: Helena Iolanda VLAD PABIN
- censor: Emeric KOVACS
- censor: Agnes AMBRUS
- censor: Marius LUGOJAN

The purpose of this association is to carry out activities of general interest or in the interests of the local community, as well as in the non-patrimonial interest of the associate members, to promote and support tourism and ecology.

In order to accomplish thse purposes, the association aims to:
- promote and support ideas and actions for a clean and healthy environment;
- promotion and support of mountain tourism and agritourism;
- attracting young people into tourist and ecological actions;
- first aid actions in the event of accidents in the Zarand Mountains;
- carrying out and maintaining tourist trails, organization of mountain-specific competitions;
- promoting cycling;
- helping the poor or those in need in the association's areas of action, as well as the institutionalized children who find themselves in difficulty;
- cooperation with other similar organizations promoting the same principles and values ??at local, national and international level and engaging in cooperation and partnership programs;
- supporting actions and initiatives that meet the purpose of the association or are complementary to its objectives;
- organizing other activities related to the main purpose of the association.

The values of the association are cooperation, tolerance, freedom, democracy, competence and mutual respect.

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